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1. What Does My Name MCFETRIDGE Meaning?
A Scottish name derived from Mac Pheadruis. This is a Scottish Gaelic form of the common name "Peter." It, therefore, means "rock."

2. What Does My Name LONI Meaning?
It means a young woman who is independent, strong, thoughtful, full of energy, very easy on the eyes and has a hunger for life. A woman with self-drive.

3. What Does My Name LEROUX Meaning?
This beautiful name of French origin is used to refer to a Red-Haired individual. It is very descriptive and the language of Romance does complete justice to it.

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4. What Does My Name AUSMUS Meaning?
This is a distinguished name used in Greece which meant 'loved', A person named so is good intellectually and requires several outlets for his energies. The great historian Erasmus comes to mind with this name.

5. What Does My Name HUDY Meaning?
A very unique Slovakian or Ukrainian name meaning 'thin'. It is not very common but observable in the region still as a fond name for thin girls.

6. What Does My Name DEXTER Meaning?
A name with two meanings. First, in Latin, it means someone who is skilled or right-handed. In Old English, it means someone who dyes.

7. What Does My Name MARIAN Meaning?
This name signifies a holy source and refers to a sea of tears. It is a name used widely throughout history to signify prominent women. Such a person would definitely lead an important life.

8. What Does My Name SPENCE Meaning?
A name derived from Old French meaning someone who is in charge of the pantry of a monastery. Spence in English means a ladder.

9. What Does My Name CADE Meaning?
The name Cade came about as an Old English pseudo-name to mean someone rotund or lumpy. It can also mean an animal raised by hand since it was abandoned by the mother.

10. What Does My Name BURGESS Meaning?
An English name meaning a free man from a fortified village and has municipal duties and rights. It also means a representative of a House of Commons.

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11. What Does My Name NANAS Meaning?
The name means Grace of One who favors by God. It is a Hebrew name of origin and is also used as a surname.

12. What Does My Name FOLMER Meaning?
A person who has the urge to help and understand others especially when it comes to dealing with the problems of others. A person with a responsible nature.

13. What Does My Name HASTIE Meaning?
The name was originated from the early medieval English. Derives from Middle English word HASTI or Old French HASTIF which means a speed or quick person.

14. What Does My Name BABICH Meaning?
It is of Ukrainian origin which means old woman. This is a widely used surname. Derives from Polish and Russian word BABA which means grandmother.

15. What Does My Name KARINA Meaning?
It refers to an artistic and loving person and has its roots in Latin. A person with this name is fun and out-going. Definitely a true reflection of the meaning indeed.

16. What Does My Name MCCOLE Meaning?
The name is derived from the name Nicholas. In Greek word NIKAN which means to conquer. It is used as a surname than a given name.

17. What Does My Name MCLEISH Meaning?
This Scottish name has a lot of meaning and has been in use since the medieval era. Its roots are in Gaelic and translate to being the son or a follower of Jesus.

18. What Does My Name MITCHELL Meaning?
It is a surname which derives from the Saxon and Anglian words which means BIG. In Hebrew, this boy's name means a gift from God.

19. What Does My Name MELNICK Meaning?
This is a Russian name with Slavic origins. An occupational name, the word translates to 'grind' and also refers to a miller. It is a very quaint name of a humble meaning.

20. What Does My Name PATRON Meaning?
This beautiful Spanish name has a devout meaning to it. It derives from the word Padre or father. Such a person holds spiritual significance in the lives of people around him.

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21. What Does My Name BAER Meaning?
It has references to a bear in the Old German tongue. The name is used to call a person who resembles the creature in any way or is from a family with the crest of a bear.

22. What Does My Name LAFEVER Meaning?
This name is a variant of the French word "Lefevre." It translates to mean someone who participated in manual labor. "Fevre" also means Smith.

23. What Does My Name LISA Meaning?
A name with a lot of meaning. It regales 'The Oath of God' in ancient Hebrew. Definitely a very popular name among the younger generation and used widely.

24. What Does My Name MANCIAS Meaning?
This is a very interesting name which takes its roots from the Italian Mancino, which means ambidextrous. This person is skilled in the use of both hands which makes him very talented indeed.

25. What Does My Name BUHR Meaning?
A name originating from Low German-derived from the word "bauer." It was used to mean a farmer. It, therefore, is an occupational name.

26. What Does My Name NOWAK Meaning?
This is a name that originates from different backgrounds such as German, Czech, Hungarian, Slovak, and Polish. The name is derived from the word new and interchanged to have meanings such as "newman" or "newcomer."

27. What Does My Name HANNI Meaning?
This name came from the name Hannah. It means Grace or the one who is favored by God. This is a very nice girl's name.

28. What Does My Name CAMPANA Meaning?
A name of Italian and Spanish background meaning a bell maker or sometimes a bell ringer. The first bell was produced in Campania hence the origin of the name.

29. What Does My Name HERL Meaning?
It originates from the German word "Herle" which means a fly that is artificial and is dressed with barbs. Also, means the dressing of fishing flies.

30. What Does My Name VIVIEN Meaning?
In French, Vivien it means ALIVE. For Latin, the male opposite is Vivianus which means VIVUS or alive. In Great Britain, this name is being widely use for females.

31. What Does My Name KEEFER Meaning?
This is an old Celtic name with the meaning of noble, gentle and kind. It was an occupational name used to refer to a barrel maker and was used in the region.

32. What Does My Name DENNER Meaning?
This is an Old English name referring to an occupational endeavor. It is used synonymously along with a herdsman for swine and in favor around the countryside.

33. What Does My Name CARDENAS Meaning?
This is a habitational name from a place known as Cardenas in the provinces of Logrono and Almeria. The meaning is blue or bluish purple.

34. What Does My Name CHRISTIANSEN Meaning?
The name has a literal meaning "Son of the Christian," with a Norwegian and Danish origin. It also means a person who loves to work with others and feel the need to be appreciated.

35. What Does My Name NED Meaning?
This is a popular English name which means Wealthy Guardian. It came from Eadweard meaning happy and rich guardian. Also from Edgar which means fortunate and powerful.

36. What Does My Name BANG Meaning?
This is a variety if Korean, Norwegian or Danish surname. It means loud for Danish. A habitational name who lives in Bang for Norwegian.

37. What Does My Name MCCLANAHAN Meaning?
This variant name has its roots in Gaelic and refers to a mighty hound. This is a very strong name and brings to mind steadfastness and willpower.

38. What Does My Name ARIAS Meaning?
This name means to be powerful and complete. It has an ancient Hebrew and Greek heritage. The people with this name are strong and confident in themselves and their actions.

39. What Does My Name LADA Meaning?
Another name with a Slavic history behind it, Lada is the identity of the Goddess of beauty, love and marriage. The name is usually associated with youth and splendor!!

40. What Does My Name MCIVER Meaning?
This name originates from a Northern Irish and Scottish background. It was derived from the Gaelic name "Mac Iomhair." It means, son of Iomhair.